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Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

Beginner/Starter class and intermediate class 7:30 PM - 9:00 PM

Intermediate class to advance class 7:30 PM - 10:00 PM


For kendo tournaments, please visit the following websites:


[students without bogu]

This class focuses on teaching basic steps of learning kendo terms in Japanese, etiquette & manners, footwork, suburi, and kirikaeshi.


Our instructors make the class fun and challenging for students so they wont loose interest. After getting used to all the basics, students are tested every end of the month to show there improvement. If they pass the first test, they are allowed to wear Kendo Gi & Hakama (Kendo Uniform). After getting used to wearing Kendo Gi & Hakama, second test will be held for achieving Kendo bogu.


(students with bogu)

This class focuses on waza (techniques). It will include Basic + advance + competition techniques. Also includes Chinen sensei's unexpected training. 

When tournaments and shinsa (promotional exam) is near, we would have special practice and after practice for those who needs extra training.

For those who dedicated their time and effort, they do extremely well in local, nationals, and even world tournaments!

Gedatsu Dojo is known for brining out National and world level kenshi!

Kendo Equipment

Beginner/Starter students would need to purchase the following kendo equipment in order to practice.

* Kendo Shinai (size/prices vary upon age)

* Kendo Shinai bag 

* Kendo Tenugui 

* Kendo Gi & Hakama (Uniform will be required after passing the first exam)

Intermediate/Advance students would need to purchase the following kendo equipment in order to practice.

* Kendo Bogu set + Kendo Bag
* Kendo Shinai + Bag (must meet the required regulation weight & length)

* Kendo Zekken/Nafuda (name tag)

* Kendo Dojo patch

You can purchase Kendo equipment through Gedastu dojo or purchase through Mazkiya USA.