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How can I enroll?

There are few options to enroll.

You can stop by our kendo class and fill out our application form and pay necessary fees.

Also we can send you application form through email for you to fill out and pay necessary fees at the facility. 

Please advise, all fees are non-refundable.

Age requirement?

We accept age from 7 years old to adult.  

What to prepare when I start kendo?

A lot of people misunderstand that when they enroll to Kendo class, they assume they would start with full gear on. That is not how we teach proper Kendo.

Students need to learn from the basic first and earn their way to achieve kendo uniforms and bogu. 

When you enroll to our class, we will provide you with Shinai (bamboo sword) and Tenugui (Kendo towel).


For starters and beginners, here is some tips.

  • Be in comfortable clothes like going to a gym. T-shirt and shorts are acceptable.

  • Extra towel (be prepare to sweat)

  • Sports bottle (optional) 

  • Sports tape/First Aid Kit (optional)

  • Please leave your valuables in the car or safe place. We are not responsible for lost/stolen valuables.  

Do I need to purchase all the gear before enrolling the class?


If you are learning kendo for the first time, you don't need to purchase kendo uniform and bogu. You will need to learn all the kendo basics first for about 6 months to a year. After learning all the basics, you will be tested. If you pass the test, our sensei (instructor) will give you permission to purchase kendo uniform. There will be second test for achieving kendo bogu. 

What are class fees?

In order to enroll in Kendo class, you will need to pay in full for the following fees.

A. AUSKF & SCKF Liability Insurance (yearly) Fee

B. Gedatsu USA Kendo Dojo Membership (yearly) Fee

C. Gedatsu USA Kendo Dojo Monthly Tuition Fee

D. Kendo Shinai 

E. Kendo Tenugui 

For more information about fees, please click the button below.

What are my payment options?

We accept Cash and Personal Check only.

We do not accept Credit Card, Paypal, etc. 

Do I need to attend all 3 classes?

Yes and No.

All our senseis (instructors) are dedicated their time to teach 3 times a week. It's best to learn kendo 3 times a week cause you will learn faster and achieve your goal faster than going once a week. If you can only attend the class once a week, that is fine too. If you only can come to class one a week does not mean the prices get cheaper.

The reason why our students achieve numerous of medals and trophies, it's because they come to practice 3 times a week. 

Where can I purchase kendo equipment?

You can pre-order through Gedatsu Dojo or you can purchase through Mazkiya USA. 

Would I be able to transfer to your dojo?
How long is the class?

Kendo Class is from 7:30 PM - 10:00 PM

It is about 2 - 3 hours.

First part of the class is concentrating on beginners/starters/ and intermediate students. After the first class, there will be a water break. Second part of the class will be mix with advance level students.

Is the class taught in English?

Yes, mostly the class is taught in English but mix with Japanese. 

There is an exception to transfer from your previous dojo to our dojo.

  • If you were part of SCKF, SCKO, or AUSKF, we need some proof of paper work from your previous dojo.

  • If you received a menjo/certificate, we need a copy for record.

  • Have you paid off all the dues/fees to your previous dojo? If not, we cannot accept your transfer request till all payments are fully paid.

  • All dojo are different and have their own dojo rules. If you cannot commit to our dojo rules, we cannot welcome you to join.

  • Same goes with all students from another country. 

Is there a family discount?

Family discount only applies to GUSKD membership and tuition. There are no discount for SCKF/AUSKF, all Kendo Tournaments, bento (lunch box), and other kendo related events.

Can I drop off my child and come back when class ends?

We strongly not to drop off your minor child without parental/guardian supervision. This is not a daycare center.

Is there a changing room?

Yes, there is separate changing room for men's and women's.

Is there a restroom?

Yes, there is restroom for men's and women's. 

What is Akimatsuri?

Every year Gedatsu Church of LA has an event called Akimatsuri aka Autumn Moon Festival. The festival is held on first weekend of October (Sat & Sun). As of appreciation and gratitude, Gedatsu USA Kendo Dojo been helping out the community.  


When can I start competing?

Usually the head instructor will let you know when you will be ready for the next tournament and promotional exam.

As for requirements you will need to practice 2-3 times a week for couple months to build some stamina and techniques plus you need to be able to put on all your bogu by your self without any help. You will need to know all the rules and regulations about competing in kendo tournaments.

What is 'Water Toban Duty'?

As becoming a Gedatsu USA Kendo Dojo student, you will be assigned once a year to bring 12 -1 Gallon of purified drinking water to class /dojo. 

Water will be used for refreshments after kendo class.

What kind of water to bring?

We accept purified drinking water. Any brand but most convenient to buy are Costco brand 'Kirkland', 'Arrow Head', and 'Crystal Geyser'. 

12 gallons meant by bring 12 of gallon size water bottle to the dojo. 

When to know what month you need to bring the water?

You can check your name on the kendo bulletin board in the hallway.

You can bring 12 -1 gallons of water before class starts.

Set them on the kitchen table or ask our staff, where you can leave the water.