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Please follow the following etiquette and rules in order to keep our dojo clean. Think of the dojo as your second home!

Rei (Bow) to the dojo/facility when entering/exiting the dojo/facility:

Any Japanese Art/Budo starts with Rei and ends with Rei. As you do Rei to your opponent before every match or practice in order to show respect, all participants should do Rei to the dojo when entering the dojo, in order to show respect and appreciation to the dojo/facility, since this is the place where you practice every day to improve your skills.

Neatness and Trash:

Please help us keep our dojo clean and sanitized. Please lineup the chairs after use. If you see a trash on the floor, please pick up and put in the trash bin. Do not leave any leftover food or drinks in the trash bin. It will attract insects/small animals into the building.

NO Shoes inside the Dojo (wooden floor area):

Gedatsu Dojo is a bare feet environment. Please take off your shoes when entering the dojo. When you go outside of the dojo please wear your shoes, in order to avoid bringing dirt from the outside to the inside of the dojo. You are welcome to bring your own indoor slippers.

Shoe Rack:

When you come into the Dojo, place your shoes in the shoe rack. If there is not enough space in the shoe rack, line them up on the sides of the entrance, in order to make the dojo entrance clean and neat. The dojo entrance shoes the character of the dojo. It only takes a second to line up your shoes. If the first pair of shoes is lined up, everyone else that comes in after will also line up their shoes.


Please keep the restrooms clean. Make it comfortable for everyone. If you notice there is short on toilet paper, paper towel, toilet seat cover, hand soap, trash bag, etc. please let any of Gedatsu staff know for replacement.

Changing Room:

Please keep changing rooms clean. Do not leave personal belongings in the changing room. Please keep valuables safe. Gedatsu dojo and Gedatsu Church is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Food and Drinks:

Food and drinks are not allowed in inside the dojo (wooden floor, unless there is a tarp is spread for an event). Water or Mugicha (Japanese Barley Tea) is ok on dojo floor. No food and drinks in the changing rooms. It attracts insects/small creatures. 

Parking Lot:

For your child's safety, please do not allow your minor children to play in the parking lot without adult supervision. Please be cautious when driving in and out of the parking lot. 

Kitchen area:

Please be sure to clean all the counters and tables after use. Please throw away all trash out to the outside trash bin. Place all refreshments back into refrigerator. Rinse any cans and bottles that had contained sugar.

Eco Friendly:

Please help us save energy by turning off unnecessary lights and saving water. We need your help to save on our facility bills. 

Thank you for your cooperation!

Gedatsu USA Kendo Dojo